iTELL Conference, iTELL Conference 2020

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Practicing English Pronunciation through Google Translate and Talktyper
Evi Nurisra Aprilia Sari

Last modified: 2020-05-05


Pronunciation lies under the speaking skills area has been long neglected due to teachers’ native language interferences and their lack of practice on the previous language learning affecting their confidence in teaching and modeling the sub-skills to their students. Pronunciation teaching particularly is not one of the main concerns on Indonesian English subject curricula. A misleading conception assumes this sub-skill will develop along with the acquisition of the second language vocabulary and grammar. Fortunately, in the era of digital web 4.0, various digital websites and applications are provided to bridge the gaps found in language instructions. Google translate and talktyper, for instance, are digital websites which can be utilized to assist pronunciation practice. This study is aimed to portray how pronunciation practice can be done by junior high school students by using both digital websites and to investigate their perception on its use in developing their pronunciation skills.30 junior high school students assigned as member of an English extracurricular program will be the participants of this study. The students’ interview transcriptions as the main data will be analyzed qualitatively through thematic content analysis and the students’ pronunciation practice records will be used as the supporting data.


Pronunciation practice, Google translate, talktyper, Automatic Speech Recognition, ASR

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