iTELL Conference, iTELL Conference 2022

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An Analysis of Code-Switching Found on the @Indihomecare Instagram Account
Kharis Marpurdianto

Last modified: 2022-09-28


This research aims to find the code-switching in Indonesian netizens' utterances on the @indihomecare Instagram account. The researcher uses the theory from Stockwell (2007) to analyzed the data. The descriptive qualitative approach used in this research to gathered data. Thus, the researcher analyzed the data from April 25, 2022, to April 28, 2022. Based on the analysis, there are three code-switching strategies found in the comment column of the @indihomecare Instagram account such as tag-switching as the lowest percentage strategy with 11 data found in the analysis, inter-sentential strategy with 28 data found in the analysis, and intra-sentential strategy as the highest strategy found in the analysis with 43 data. Moreover, there are four factors that Indonesian netizens use code-switching in their daily activities: bilingual or multilingual, prestige, lack of vocabulary, and the last is changing the topic.

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