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Augmented Reality: Increasing Students Creativity Through Digital Story Telling
Fita Lianasari, Meidian Putri Zusana

Last modified: 2022-09-28


Due to the global pandemic, Technology has the power to transform Education, and distances are no longer necessary for the teaching and learning process. There are a lot of technological devices that can be used for the teaching and learning process, one of them is Augmented Reality. Recently the used of Augmented reality are quite popular in social media and it developed significantly to some books and mobile applications. In the learning process, Augmented Reality (AR) can be used to visualize the real learning atmosphere by experiencing real displayed of 3D object. In this article, the writer will elaborate how augmented reality (AR) can help to increase student’s creativity. The study will be conducted at the 10th grade of SMA Global Madani and it will be focused on the student’s experiences in creating digital storytelling through quiver apps to increase their writing and speaking capability during the remote learning.

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