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Benefiting Students with Automated Feedback in Grammarly®: a Photovoice study
Movi Riana Rahmawanti, Amalul Umam

Last modified: 2022-09-28


The rapid growth of technology has caused substantial changes in human’s life. Amid increased use of Automated feedback to help students in English Writing, Grammarly® is one of the AI- generated tools to assist students in their writing. Grammarly® is useful to help teachers and learners in fixing EFL writing, it is because Grammarly® is not only capable to recognize punctuation and spelling errors, including the appropriate noun and provided several alternative options for the misspelled phrases, but also identify segments and suggest advice on verb form, although often no suggested corrections are given, and explications were complicated (Daniels & Leslie, 2013). This is a qualitative study with photovoice as its methodology to gain the data of the research. Four participants were asked to utilize Grammarly® in their academic writing and to see whether it benefits them with its automated feedback. The overall result of this study is almost all of the students find that automated feedback in Grammarly® eases their effort in correcting their errors in English writing, especially in academic writing.

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