iTELL Conference, iTELL Conference 2022

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The Use of Authoring Tools in Remote Teaching (Boost Your Class with Authoring Tools)
Maurin Yanuaru

Last modified: 2022-09-28


This presentation will share the use of authoring tools in online learning such as, Quizlet, and Padlet to boost students’ motivation. can be used to teach an integrated learning involving multimodal tools that engage students to educational content interactively ( I used to attract grade 6 students to read for I found many of them are not interested in reading activities. I combined between fiction story which was about the experience of a man during tsunami Aceh and a video about how it happened as well as tips of surviving. There were some comprehension questions given. In addition, I used Quizlet to assess the vocabulary learnt. Students are challenged to win the race and tackle their peers. Padlet is one of the tools which teachers may use to have reflection about teaching- learning activities to get feedback from their students. It is important to evaluate the activities for better learning. Using authoring tools to increase students’ motivation and keeping the class alive affect the learning process. Not only motivating, but also preparing them to master digital skills as needed in the 21st century when digital technology is incredibly exposed.

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