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Does Speaking Ability Affect the Degree of Confidence of- Becoming MC and Moderator in online meetings?
Supriyono Supriyono

Last modified: 2022-09-29


The ability to speak in public is an ability related to the ability tomanage oneself and also prepare oneself with material to be delivered inpublic. It takes good mental strength and also the ability to prepare yourself well. The capital needed is the ability to know yourself and alsoknow the audience where he is speaking. The ability to know yourself isclosely related to preparation that leads to increased self-confidence.One form of increasing confidence in public speaking is the ability to speak English. This research is applied research of linguistics, especially in the field of student public speaking, covering the ability to make narratives,event organizing, and pronunciations in a case study of increasing a person's self-confidence when they have English skills in the realm of public speaking. This study aims to analyze the perception of education personnel in mastering English and increasing confidence in speaking inpublic. The research method was carried out using a narrative inquiry method with interviews and questionnaires describing the confidence in speaking in English. From several questions related to English language skills and expressions commonly used in public speaking, such as the role of MC and moderator in an event, from some existing perceptions about English language skills and self-confidence in public speaking, categories are made that can improve speaking skills. public to then draw conclusions based on research questions. From this research, two outcomes will be produced, namely academic research conclusions and a video in the form of a video in eight segments of English expression to improve the ability of MC and Moderator. The research is expected to be able to contribute to the improvement of the way of learning and the curriculum of English learning to improve the ability of Public Speaking, as well as to contribute to applied English references in the field of MC and Moderator.

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