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Is It Enjoying or Burdening? Students and Teachers’ Perceptions on Home Learning and Online Learning (An Overview of Corona Virus Disease “COVID- 19” Impact to Education Field)
Yabes Olbata

Last modified: 2022-09-29


Teaching and learning are a good way to reach the educational goals. Since the Corona VirusDisease (COVID-19) hits the word, the process of teaching and learning totally change thatcreates new problem for teachers and students. This study aims at finding out the students andteachers’ perceptions on the implementation of home learning and online learning during thepandemic era (COVID-19) in SMA Negeri 1 Soe. This study used a qualitative descriptivedesign. The instruments used were questionnaires and interviews. The data of this study werecollected through spreading questionnaires and doing interviews. The data of this study wereanalyzed by using SPSS. The result of the study showed that students perceive that theimplementation of home learning and online learning during pandemic era (COVID-19) was agood way because it could protect the students from the spread of the COVID-19, it helped thestudents to keep learning, and it could make the students to be responsible for their learningimprovement. While the teachers perceive that it was a good way either but some problemshappened such as, network connection, students’ inconsistence, waste in time and money.

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