iTELL Conference, iTELL Conference 2022

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Problem-Based Learning Assisted Padlet and Canva Enhance Students’ Reading Skill
Upik Hastuti

Last modified: 2022-09-29


The purpose of this study is to analyze how problem-based learning strategy assisted padletand Canva can help the teacher in online teaching and learning process in pandemic Covid 19era. The advantage of this implementation is in enhancing students’ reading competence onshort story. The procedures of utilizing padlet and Canva in PBL are planning, implementing,observing and reflecting. The approach that used for this study is descriptive analysis. Theresult shows that by using problem-based learning assisted padlet, the teacher can executeteaching and learning process better and the students’ reading skill competence is enhancedbased on the result of pre-test, the mean is 69,72 and the mean result of post-test is 83,72.Furthermore, the learning process can be managed easily in the term of assignment, thestudents’ comprehending the material and keep the students in the track though they areabsent at class. It can be concluded that both students and teacher get big fruitful impact byusing padlet and Canva in learning English.

Full Text: Page: 167-177