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Teaching Paragraph Writing through Picture in Online Class: A Case Study on English Class at IT Telkom Purwokerto
Riyatno Riyatno

Last modified: 2022-09-29


Teaching English for non-English Department students’ needs high effort. The students usually think that English does not support their major directly. Meanwhile, they have to be able to communicate in English in order that they develop their skills. Especially for writing skill, they have to be able to write portfolio, letters, curriculum vitae, etc. The aim of the study is to enhance the students to write paragraph correctly. Using action research, I firstly explain the idea of traffic light. A paragraph should consist of three things, namely topic sentence, supporting sentence, and closing sentence, represented by green, yellow, and red colors. Then, I give them some pictures and they have to choose two of them. To support teaching paragraph writing using Google Meet, I make WA Groups in order that the students can communicate each other. Each student has to write a paragraph and send the paragraph writing to my email. To make sure that what is written really belongs to the students, each of them has to present and explain it through Google meet. I evaluate their paragraphs by looking at the topic sentence, the supporting sentence, and the closing sentence, and their relationship among the sentence.

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