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Engaging Students in Project Based Learning Integrated Writing Literacy of Descriptive
Meike Imelda Wachyu

Last modified: 2022-09-29


The aim of this study is to improve students’ writing ability through project-based learning by conducting class action research method. In particular, this study examines whether the use of Project Based Learning improves students’ writing literacy. This research was conducted at one of the Senior High Schools in West Java. It was carried out to 30 tenth graders participated in this study. They were recruited using purposive random sampling. This sampling was
intended to know the students’ fluency and accuracy in writing. This study was conducted in two cycles and each cycle consisted of three meeting. The instruments for collecting data were quantitative (writing test) and qualitative data (diary notes and observation sheet) based on the data analysis from each activity, there is a significant achievement in cycle I and cycle II. In the writing test, the student’s score kept improving in every test, the mean of the student’s score in cycle I was 6.00 and cycle II was 7.90. Based on diary notes and observation sheet, it was found that the use of Project Based Learning Integrated Writing Literacy was effective and improved students’ fluency and accuracy in Writing. It can be seen from the increasing the mean of the students’ score above in writing and the student’s motivation enthusiasm. Based on observation, the students active when working in their project, they practice their writing to the class and share to our padlet and the students enjoyed the activities during the learning process.

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