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Road and Bridge Engineering Students Reading Comprehension Problems in Reading Section of Toeic
Sektalonir Oscarini Wati Bhakti, Budi Nugroho, Insan kamil

Last modified: 2022-09-29


50 students of eight-semester students of Road and Bridge Engineering Study ProgramPoliteknik Negeri Samarinda were examined in finding out the reading comprehensionproblems in reading section of TOEIC Prediction test. TOEIC Prediction Test is one of EnglishProficiency Tests that has to be participated by all of the last semester students. Themethodology used in this research was descriptive qualitative so that the instrument used wasa questionnaire adapted from Wutthisingchai (2011). The questioner is consisted of fiveaspects; reading comprehension process, motivation, background knowledge, lack readingstrategies, and language knowledge. Thus, the 4-point Likert was used in measuring thestudents’ perception of reading. The results of the research showed that most of the studentsof eight-semester students of Road and Bridge Engineering Study Program still had readingcomprehension problems.

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