iTELL Conference, iTELL Conference 2022

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Upgrading College Students’ Listening Comprehension towards English Listening Application
Winantu Kurnianingtyas Sri Agung, Lia Amalia

Last modified: 2022-09-29


Listening plays an important role in communication. In comprehending listening, teachers and also lecturers should be aware in technological development and able to apply such kinds of application in listening learning process optimally. English Listening application is one of mobile-assisted language learning can be used whether online or offline. It consists of different students’ levels namely Beginner I, II, and III, then Intermediate I and II, and Advanced. Each level in this application introduces distinctive types of questions such fill in the blanks, identifying pictures, rearranging quotes, listening short passages, dictation, and listening long paragraphs. Classroom action research (CAR) was appropriated research design conducted in this research. This research cycle conducted in four weeks. The implementation of English Listening Application can engage the students in intermediate listening in two cycles and the majority of the subjects perceive positively towards its implementation, whereas the average score of listening tests is sufficient in this study.

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