iTELL Conference, iTELL Conference 2022

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Utilizing Padlet as an Electronic Portfolio to Accommodate Students’ Learning Style
Isna Inndriati

Last modified: 2022-09-29


The availability of technology in education provides various ways to assess and keep any documents of learning progress and result as well, such as portfolio as one of the authentic assessments. This study, then, reviews Padlet as one of many applications that can be implemented to accommodate students’ uniqueness during online learning in this pandemic era. The presence of this application helps teachers in two ways of learning; synchronously and asynchronously. Various features in this application allow students to explore their capability in language improvement. The result shows that Padlet is effective to engage students to interact and share any opinions within real-time themes. It supports students to learn at their own pace within different hours. When Padlet is used as wall discussion, all the students’ track in learning turns to be their electronic portfolio. Moreover, there is no requirement to have an account to post their works in the form of text, images, videos, different kinds of documents, even links, on to the wall since the teacher provides a link to visit.

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