iTELL Conference, iTELL Conference 2022

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Integrating Critical Thinking Practice in Online Teacher-Students Introduction
Diah Fakhmawati

Last modified: 2022-09-29


Covid 19 pandemic forces teacher and new students to meet in their first meeting online for distance learning. They could not do face to face meeting as normal as usually. Therefore, there should be particular strategy so as the introduction to keep being impressive and the students are still able to reminisce what they should know about their teacher and the learning system. They have to understand the system they will going through whenever the forthcoming normal school begins. The strategy used in this activity comprises communicative, creative, critical and collaborative activities which are aimed to give an opportunity for the teacher to introduce herself and how she manages the class in remote online mode when delivering the subject through video and LMS features app. Canvas Instructor used in this activity gives students opportunity to think critically from the video of teacher introduction and trivial quiz to recall the introduction. The discussion board provided the canvas is also giving them opportunity for students’ peer-self introduction. The result of this online teacher-students introduction activity through Canvas Instructor coped the learning objective. The students succeeded to get some teacher’s personal information. They were also able to answer the trivial quiz about their teacher personal information and they got opportunity to get to know their class mates even they were still apart.

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