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Improving Self Confidence in Speaking Using Flipgrid
Ani Sumiani

Last modified: 2022-09-29


One-way communication that is still often used by teachers in Indonesia, making students often not confident with the abilities they have. Low self-confidence among Indonesian students often raises obstacles that become the biggest scourge when learning English in the classroom. The greatest distrust for them is speaking skill which is very important in 4.0 era. Students actually understand the questions or statements from their teachers, but they just no dare to express the opinions, ideas because of their great lack of confidence which automatically close their chances and opportunities to develop. Flip grid is ICT application able to answer or minimize the student's insecurity becomes increased, because students require a direct response made by the teacher concerned. The aim of this study was to know how Flip grid helped the students speak more confidently. It was qualitative research with a case study approach. It employed interviews, observations and documentation using qualitative Moleong to analyze the data. The results show that students become more confident and motivated to speak.

Full Text: Page: 372-376