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Interesting Learning Medias Make the Students Intrigue
Achmad Sulton

Last modified: 2022-09-29


Learning Media is a main key for making the class’s interesting and avoid from boring. The way of teacher for wrapping the teaching and learning process at the classroom is really important that has to be done because the amusing class situation can become attractiveness and give motivation to the students for studying. In this research, the writer uses online learning medias at the class, for example, Pixton, jamboard, Quizizz, Worldwall, Educandy, Proprofs,, Ed Puzzle, Wheelofnames, and Zoho. Based on the reflection that has been done by him shows that the using of learning’s medias can increase and motivate them to study English. They consider that giving the various kinds of medias push them to be enthusiastic students. This research is very important for the teacher that can use the online medias for supporting them in the class.

Full Text: Page: 388-395