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The Use of Integrated Speaking-Listening E-Learning Model in Teaching Activity in the Early Covid-19 Pandemic: From Students and Lecturer Perspective
Agustinus Hary Setyawan, Hasan Sidik

Last modified: 2022-09-30


The Covid-19 pandemic has affected the education field in Indonesia that made schools and universities conducted the E-Learning or distance learning to avoid the wide spread of the virus. Thus, this research analyzed the implementation of Integrated speaking-listening E-Learning in the early of pandemic situation that used in teaching speaking for the freshman at university. The study involved 29 students who took the subject of Speaking in Professional Context. This research used mixed method research. The questionnaires for students and lecturer, interview for both students and lecturer and some data from the E-Learning website were used in order to collect the data and as well as to find the students’ and lecturer’s opinion towards the use of it. The data showed that the E-Learning system somewhat helpful for the lecturer in teaching at current situation, and 8 students (27,6%) agreed, 11 students (37,9%) were neutral, 6 students (20,7%) disagreed, and 2 students (6,9%) strongly disagreed that integrated speaking - listening E-Learning model helped them enhancing their speaking skill. Therefore, the use of Integrated speaking-listening E-learning model in the early pandemic is still challenging but it has potential benefits for enhancing the listening and speaking skills.

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