iTELL Conference, iTELL Conference 2022

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Hybrid Learning: Covering the Need of Face-To-Face Learning in the Post Pandemic Era
Yusuf Al Arief

Last modified: 2022-09-30


Covid-19 pandemic has lasted for more than two years and has affected all sectors including education. Having done facing this challenge for quite a while, the government decides to allow the schools and universities to have offline classes with some conditions such as health protocols, and it is welcomed by Indonesian citizens. However, there are some students who are infected and they cannot go to school or campus to join the class, and some parents are still worried about the condition. This research aims to explore the possibility of hybrid learning as the solution. The method used was pre-experimental research and the subjects were students from four classes batch 2019 and 2019. It was conducted by having synchronous and asynchronous learning. An offline class was held as well as providing online class by using Zoom meeting. In addition, Telegram, Google Jamboard, Moodle, and YouTube were also used to complete the hybrid learning. It was conducted in three classes, and it was found that the procedures ran well and was able to cover the study for those who can attend the offline class and those who had to learn from home.

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