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Presentation I

The Correlation between TOEFL Prediction Score and GPA for Managerial Accounting Students Page:1-6
Marwanto Marwanto, Dedy Irawan, Oscarini Wati Bhakti
An Analysis of Code-Switching Found on the @Indihomecare Instagram Account Page: 7-16
Kharis Marpurdianto
Augmented Reality: Increasing Students Creativity Through Digital Story Telling Page: 17-26
Fita Lianasari, Meidian Putri Zusana
Benefiting Students with Automated Feedback in Grammarly®: a Photovoice study Page: 27-32
Movi Riana Rahmawanti, Amalul Umam
The Use of Authoring Tools in Remote Teaching (Boost Your Class with Authoring Tools) Page: 33-35
Maurin Yanuaru
Business Meetings’ Project Reinforce Students’ Oral Communication Skills in ESP Course Page: 36-43
Lia Agustina, Farida Ulfa
Challenges for Teacher in Teaching during Pandemic: Experiences, Problems and Solutions Page: 44-49
Marisa Fran Lina
Developing Digital Game Based English Learning Page: 50-62
Ana Rohdiana
Disseminating Standard Learning Procedures to ORA et LABORA’s Teachers to Alter Learning Quality Both Online and Face-to-Face Learning Page: 63-65
Susanti Kristianingrum
Does Speaking Ability Affect the Degree of Confidence of- Becoming MC and Moderator in online meetings? Page: 66-74
Supriyono Supriyono

Presentation II

Theoretical Perspectives on AI-Injected Online Learning in EFL Classrooms Page: 75-85
Dian Toar Y. G Sumakul, Fuad Abdul Hamied, Didi Sukyadi
The Effectivity of Synchronous and Asynchronous Communication during Online Learning Page: 86-88
Bakti Abdillah Putra
Engaging Language Learners with Kahoot! Page: 89-93
Marwan Batubara
Engaging Students in Project Based Learning Integrated Writing Literacy of Descriptive Page: 94-97
Meike Imelda Wachyu
From Face-to-Face to Face-to-Screen: What do ESP Students Say about Emergency Remote Teaching? Page: 98-107
Siti Kustini, Nurfitriah Nurfitriah, Nurhidayati Nurhidayati
Generation Global Makes Your Students Speak Page: 108-109
Dian Novrini
Hybrid Learning: Covering the Need of Face-To-Face Learning in the Post Pandemic Era Page: 110-113
Yusuf Al Arief
Integrated Digital Platforms in Enhancing Students' Speaking Skills Page: 114-122
Yesika Maya Ocktarani
Language Anxiety in Online Speaking Test: A Case of Nutrition Education Students Page: 123-132
Rica S Wuryaningrum
Online Class Activities to Improve University Students’ Learning Outcomes in Translation Class: Students’ Perception Page: 133-142
Ardianna Nuraeni

Presentation III

Online Learning: Students’ Perspective of Advantages and Challenges during C-19 Pandemic Page : 143-152
Nur Hasanah Nur Hasanah
Is It Enjoying or Burdening? Students and Teachers’ Perceptions on Home Learning and Online Learning (An Overview of Corona Virus Disease “COVID- 19” Impact to Education Field) Page: 153-166
Yabes Olbata
Problem-Based Learning Assisted Padlet and Canva Enhance Students’ Reading Skill Page: 167-177
Upik Hastuti
Online Learning with Combined Social Media Platforms and Online Applications in the Translation Editing Class: Students’ Engagement and Perception Page: 178-187
Nur Saptaningsih
Project-Based Learning with Book Creator: Short Story and Picture Book in Educational Literature Course Page: 188-196
Meita Lesmiaty Khasyar, Ayu Afriyani
Researching EFL Students’ Disengagement in an Online Content Classroom: A Pilot Study Page: 197-201
Candra Dewi Dwika Wardani
Revealing Students’ Engagement during Online Learning in Higher Education through Narrative Frame Page: 202-206
Amalul Umam, Movi Riana Rahmawanti
Road and Bridge Engineering Students Reading Comprehension Problems in Reading Section of Toeic Page: 207-213
Sektalonir Oscarini Wati Bhakti, Budi Nugroho, Insan kamil
Students' Opinions on Experiences Using the Plot Generator Application Page: 223-233
Nurindah Nurindah, Siti Agustina, Yulius Tandisapan

Presentation IV

Teknologi dalam Penyuntingan Naskah Bahasa Indonesia: Studi Komparasi Pemanfaatan Aplikasi SIPEBI,,,, dan Page: 234-242
Santi Pratiwi Tri Utami
Is it all about cutting-edge tools? Technology acceptance models and beyond Page: 243-254
Paulus Widiatmoko
Teacher’s Online Learning Strategy for Teaching English during the COVID-19 Pandemic Page: 255-260
Farida Farida, Muhammad Nafi Annury
Teachers’ Perception on the Implementation of Content and Language Integrated Learning in Islamic Schools in Banten Province during the COVID-19 Pandemic Page: 261-266
Selnistia Hidayani, Riana Ramadhanti, Latifah Purwanti
Teaching Paragraph Writing through Picture in Online Class: A Case Study on English Class at IT Telkom Purwokerto Page: 267-277
Riyatno Riyatno
Investigating The Potentiality of Integrating a Telecollaboration Programmed toPromote Intercultural Awareness to Adolescent Learners Page: 278-287
Leviana Vinanda
The Correlation of Indonesian EFL Teachers’ Error Correction Preferences and Beliefs and Students’ Proficiency in Online Setting Page: 288-296
Tifany Cicilia, Elchievitri Puspita Sari
Probing The TPACK and Hots Implementation among English Teachers of Professional Education Page: 297-301
Mursyid Mursyid, Neiza Almalia Ermynda
Hybrid Learning in Intensive English Classes Page: 302-307
Suhandhini Suhandhini
The Influence of TikTok Video on Students’ Pronunciation in A Junior High School of Banjarnegara Regency Page: 308-317
Lenia Puspa Nuari, Desi Wijayanti Ma’rufah

Presentation V

The Role of Smart School Program by Ruangguru for Teacher’s Development in Indonesia Page: 318-324
Destari Puspa Pertiwi
The Use of Video-mediated Activities in Online Learning to Teach Expressions of Compliment and Showing Care Page: 325-333
Muhammad Hanura Revrison, Astri Hapsari
Upgrading College Students’ Listening Comprehension towards English Listening Application Page: 334-342
Winantu Kurnianingtyas Sri Agung, Lia Amalia
University Students’ Perception of Making Virtual Tour Guide Video in the Time of COVID-19 Pandemic Page: 343-348
Yenny Hartanto
An Outlook of Headways Test: A Locally-Designed Online Test of English Language Proficiency for Indonesian Students Page: 349-355
Sugeng Susilo Adi, Willibrordus Surya
Utilizing Padlet as an Electronic Portfolio to Accommodate Students’ Learning Style Page: 356-364
Isna Inndriati
Integrating Critical Thinking Practice in Online Teacher-Students Introduction Page: 365-371
Diah Fakhmawati
Improving Self Confidence in Speaking Using Flipgrid Page: 372-376
Ani Sumiani
Penggunaan E-modul Interaktif Berbasis DiscoveryLearning untuk Meningkatkan Performa Akademik Siswa pada Mata Pelajaran Bahasa Inggris Page: 377-387
Rina Agustina
Interesting Learning Medias Make the Students Intrigue Page: 388-395
Achmad Sulton

Presentation VI

Supporting Early Childhood Student Agency Through ASYIK Page:396-408
Theresa Agnes Boki, Sri Watini
Teacher Performance in Applying Online-Learning Activity during The Covid-19 Pandemic Page: 409-412
Enni Erawati Saragih
The Use of Integrated Speaking-Listening E-Learning Model in Teaching Activity in the Early Covid-19 Pandemic: From Students and Lecturer Perspective Page: 413-419
Agustinus Hary Setyawan, Hasan Sidik
Lived Experience on Padlet as Collaborative Learning Tool in ELT Classroom: A SWOT Analysis Page: 420-423
Dangin Dangin, Elysa Hartati
Implementing Padlet and Vocaroo Applications to Teach Reading- Speaking Skill Page: 424-431
Vara Juniszha, Heribertus Binawan
Padlet Sebagai AlKaLiNe untuk Meningkatkan Keterampilan Menulis pada Siswa Kelas VII Page: 432-441
Iswanti Iswanti
Technology in Education Management: Implications for language classrooms Page: 442-446
Elni Jeini Usoh

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