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iTELL Conference 2020 A Study Investigating Students’ Self-efficacy in Writing Genre through Blended Learning Abstract
Testiana Deni Wijayatiningsih, Riana Eka Budiastuti
iTELL Conference 2020 A Survey on Using Mobile Technology to Enhance English Language Learning in Indonesian Higher Education Abstract
Isry Laila Syathroh, Trisnendi Syahrizal, Bachrudin Musthafa, Pupung Purnawaman
iTELL Conference 2020 Aloud Reader Android App. for Self-directed Speech Training Abstract
Erma Perwitasari
iTELL Conference 2020 Augmented Reality for Young Learners Abstract
Finita Dewi
iTELL Conference 2020 Boosting EFL Students’ Competency in Writing Captions on Instagram Abstract
Meita Lesmiaty Khasyar, Iksan Cahyana
iTELL Conference 2020 Boosting Students’ Participation in Viewing Flipped Materials Abstract
Muizzudin Muizzudin
iTELL Conference 2020 Complete Proceedings Abstract
iTELL Admin
iTELL Conference 2020 Corpus Based Learning of Verb-Preposition English Collocation Abstract
Asti Ramadhani Endah Lestari
iTELL Conference 2020 Developing English Learning Media Virtual Reality-Based for Teaching Young Learners in EFL Context Abstract
Made Hery Santosa, Made Agus Mandala Putra, I Dewa Ayu Ogik Vira Juspita Banjar, I Komang Agus Putra Adi Permana
iTELL Conference 2020 Developing Undergraduate Students’ Higher Thinking Skills and Creativity through E-Module Project Abstract
Ignasia Yuyun
iTELL Conference 2020 Development of Interactive Multimedia Based on Adobe Captivate in Indonesian Language Learning in Improving Student Learning Outcomes at SMA Muhammadiyah I Denpasar Abstract
Dewi Sri Merdekawati, Anggun Nugroho
iTELL Conference 2020 Educational Mobile Apps to Enhance Language Learning in EFL Classroom Abstract
Oktianti Dwi Aryani
iTELL Conference 2020 English Education Students as Pre-Service English Teachers’ Perception on Quizizz: Considering Mall Utilization as a Pedagogical Tool Abstract
Maman Suryaman, Fajarudin Akbar, Syifa Salsabila
iTELL Conference 2020 English Video Blogging (E-Vlog) in Teaching Speaking: Technology Practices in Real Teaching Abstract
Harianto Harianto, Hardiyana Hardiyana
iTELL Conference 2020 Enhancing Learners’ Listening Skill through Lyrics Training Abstract
Safitry Wahyuni, Edmundo Gomes Junior
iTELL Conference 2020 Envisioning the Partnership of Human and AI in English Language Teaching and Learning Abstract
A. Gumawang Jati
iTELL Conference 2020 Exploring Millennial Students' Engagement in a Blended Learning Environment Abstract
Evi Fitara, Movi Riana Rahmawanti
iTELL Conference 2020 Front Matter Abstract
iTELL Admin
iTELL Conference 2020 Games in EFL Pedagogy: Is still Effective for Vocabulary Building? Abstract
Suhria Suhria, Fahirah Faharuddin
iTELL Conference 2020 Gamification for Grammar Learning in Higher Education Abstract
Indah Sri Redjeki, R. Muhajir
iTELL Conference 2020 Hacking Classroom Instructions with “The Mission”: Dealing with Gen Z Students Abstract
Idwan Deshira
iTELL Conference 2020 Implementing Autonomuous Learning with Padlet in Writing Classroom Abstract
Enni Erawati Saragih, Alan Jaelani
iTELL Conference 2020 Implementing Exambro Application as Android Based Test Abstract
Eka Rosita, Siti Hajar Larekeng, Azwar Azwar
iTELL Conference 2020 Improving Students Writing Skills by Collaborating Using Google Classroom and Google Docs Abstract
Zhilal El Furqaan
iTELL Conference 2020 Introducing Critical Reading to Senior High School Students with Web 2.0 Tools as Authentic Materials Source Abstract
Amalul Umam, Suci Ramadhanti
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