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Developing Digital Game Based English Learning
Ana Rohdiana

Last modified: 2022-09-29


The pandemic allowed ways to adapt teaching. Offline teaching turned into online teaching. Teaching speaking is very important even in pandemic situations. The problem faces, such as lack of students’ motivation in learning because teaching activity is online based. The lack of technology infrastructure and facilities, the expensive internet cost, poor signals and the family financial crisis also became the teachers' obstacles during online learning in a pandemic era. The research design used in this study was Research and Development (R&D). This research was conducted due to problem of low ability of students of SMPN Unggulan Sindang in speaking English especially in pandemic era. This study aims to develop Digital Game based English learning. The research subject used were students of class VIII at SMPN Unggulan Sindang. The research was carried out through collecting information, planning, developing preliminary form of product, experts ‘validation, testing product, product revisions, testing product (2), product revision and dissemination. Data were collected using questionnaires, interviews, and test. The collected data were analyzed using qualitative and quantitative descriptive analysis. The expert validation showed that the game is appropriate for the students to help develop objectives of the study. This digital game also fulfills the criteria of a good game as teaching medium. Based on the results of the study, it can be concluded that Digital Game “Si Belmi†is practical, effective and low cost because this game is offline game after the students download it from google play and it support student’ communicative competence and increase their speaking skill.

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