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Supporting Early Childhood Student Agency Through ASYIK
Theresa Agnes Boki, Sri Watini

Last modified: 2022-09-30


Early childhood students are the natural inquirers in the golden age (birth to eight years old), which means the beginning to build their life future. Student agency means the student gets opportunities to express their ideas, feelings, and thinking by using their voice, choice, and ownership. According to Watini (2020) defines that ASYIK is a play model for students singing in class, which has abbreviation from a letter in Bahasa Indonesia means “A†Aman (safe), “S†Senang (happy), “Y†Yakin dan Percaya Diri (confident), “I†Inovatif (innovative), “K†Kreatif (creative). ASYIK playing model reward, which has words in Bahasa Indonesia means “Aku Bisa†(I can do it), “Aku hebat†(I am great) dan “Aku Berhasil†(I am successful) that support the early childhood students to show their agency in online learning. ASYIK focuses on assuring students that they are the agent in their learning. They are assured that they can do it “Aku bisa,†they are great “Aku hebat,†they are successful “Aku Berhasil.†This research aims to support early childhood student agency through ASYIK in online learning. The population in this research were students of Yayasan Pendidikan Jayawijaya Kuala Kencana Early Childhood Education school, aged 4-5 years old. This research method used classroom action research and a descriptive qualitative approach. This classroom action research used Model Kurt Lewin, which consisted of four stages: planning, acting, observing, and reflecting. The results of this research indicated an increase from pre-cycle to cycle three.

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