iTELL Conference, iTELL Conference 2022

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Implementing Padlet and Vocaroo Applications to Teach Reading- Speaking Skill
Vara Juniszha, Heribertus Binawan

Last modified: 2022-09-30


This classroom action research focused on determining how the Padlet and Vocaroo applications teach reading-speaking skills. Along with the development of technology, more applications are widely used in teaching English are the Padlet and Vocaroo applications. This study aims to describe the implementation, problems, and solutions to the use of Padlet and Vocaroo Applications in classes for second-semester students of the Psychology Study Program at Mercu Buana University, Yogyakarta, Academic Year 2022/2023 as a general basic course (MKDU) which is still being online learning. Data were collected through observation, interviews, and documentation of the lecturer and student using Padlet and Vocaroo. Data analysis was carried out through the process of data collection, data reduction, data presentation, and drawing conclusions and verification. The results showed that the use of Padlet and Vocaroo applications in teaching reading-speaking skills showed positive results, especially in the brainstorming process. The main problems that occur during the implementation of the Padlet and vocaroo Applications are more technical problems where students are not familiar with / understand the features of Padlet and Vocaroo themselves. Through a well-planned technical guidance method, students are seen to be able to create, design, and apply the Padlet and Vocaroo platform as a learning media that is reliable to be a solution to existing problems.

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