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Language Anxiety in Online Speaking Test: A Case of Nutrition Education Students
Rica S Wuryaningrum

Last modified: 2022-09-30


Speaking skills for some people can be very stressing and dreading, especially for students who partially learn English like nutrition education students. Despite their limited hours of learning English in class, they are demanded to be able to speak or communicate effectively in English about nutrition topics and other general issues. English learning is even more challenging due to the spread of the COVID 19 virus which forces them to study online. Online studying has increased their worry and anxiety about having the online speaking test and this anxiety has affected students’ perception as it contributes to their belief, attitude, need and interest in responding to the questions. The students, 94% dominated by female students, stated that they were anxious when having the test although female students are often known to be better learners in speaking than male students. This study is aimed to find out what are the causes of language anxiety among the students of Nutrition Education in the online speaking test, how anxiety affects the students’ perception, and what strategy can be used to reduce the students’ language anxiety. This study is using quantitative and qualitative methods.

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