Welcome to iTELL, Indonesia Technology Enhanced Language Learning

iTELL is an association that brings together researchers, lecturers, teachers – both new and experienced – and practitioners who feel passionate about the use of technology for the learning and teaching of languages. The embryo hatched in 2014 over “angkringan” in Solo where the vibrant of exploring technological tools turned into a serious discussion. Then we continued the discussion through social media to prepare the first iTELL conference in 2016 at Satya Wacana Christian University.

iTELL is a place for sharing best practices, knowledge drawing on the field such as Applied Linguistics, Educational Technology and Digital Literacies. iTELL provides a supportive environment for individual and collaborative researchers interested in exploring technology and language learning in the rapid changing world. Attending or presenting work at iTELL is an opportunity to share knowledge and to learn from the experiences and challenges of others.

Yet, iTELL is equally committed to meeting the needs of its members: those who are figuring out what their specific interest in the use of technology for language learning is, as well as established colleagues who want to keep abreast with the most recent developments.

iTELL invites you to:

·        Attend and/or present your work at iTELL biannual conferences

·        Keep in touch via social media

We look forward to meeting you, at some of our events. Let’s get together virtually and physically over coffee with Indonesian tech-edu enthusiasts.

Best Regards,

Gumawang Jati – The President of iTELL