Welcome to the Digital Stories section of iTELL! Explore our resources and initiatives aimed at enhancing the skills and knowledge of primary English teachers and educators in Indonesia. Explore the world of digital storytelling and discover its power in language instruction.

About the Program

This program is designed to empower primary English teachers and teacher educators in Indonesia by equipping them with essential skills and knowledge for effectively utilizing digital stories in their English language instruction for primary school students. The initiative will offer comprehensive training on the adaptation of online resources available through the British Council website, enabling educators to create engaging classroom learning activities tailored to their specific teaching environments.

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Navigating the Site

This section provides guidance on how to efficiently use this website. Find everything you need to seamlessly integrate digital stories into your English language teaching practice

Part I

This section explores the transformative impact of digital storytelling in the classroom. Discover how these stories can captivate young minds, enhance language skills, and foster a deeper understanding of the world. Learn techniques to harness the full potential of digital stories in your teaching practice.

The Power of Stories

Finding Digital Story Resources

Designing Engaging Story Activities

Let's Explore and Experiment!

After watching the videos about The Power of Stories, Digital Story Resources and Designing Engaging Story Activities, you can start exploring the suggested resources and experimenting with your students. Here are some of the suggested links: 

British Council Resources

Additional Resources

FAST Story: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WCDZdAPBh-I
CG Bros: https://www.youtube.com/@TheCGBros
CG Meet Up: https://www.youtube.com/@CGMeetup
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/show/1o0YJ5IC8fkn4GNTEA8IqE?si=e0129c5fba1a4ce7&nd=1
Story Weaver: https://storyweaver.org.in/en/
Aesop Fable: https://www.read.gov/aesop/

Part II

Discover how to modify and apply digital stories in a way that resonates with your students’ context. Learn the art of adapting these resources to make them more relevant and impactful

Miko the Monkey Story

The following videos will give you some demonstration on how we can adapt stories, to make it relevant to our students context. The story was taken from the following resource. 

Miko the Monkey Story: https://www.teachingenglish.org.uk/sites/teacheng/files/teaching-kids-using-a-story-miko-the-monkey-story.pdf

Adding Visual Supports

Adding Audio to Your Story

Let's Explore and Experiment!

After watching the videos, it’s time for you to explore the websites and do some experiment on your own. Here are some recomended links for you to Explore and Experiment:



Part III

In this segment, we explore strategies for capturing the attention and imagination of students through digital stories. Learn how to effectively integrate these stories into your lessons to foster engagement, creativity, and a deeper love for the English language. This section provides practical tips and examples to make digital storytelling a vibrant part of your teaching toolkit.

Story and Imagination

Teaching with Stories

Supplementary Materials

Let's Explore and Experiment!

After watching the videos, it’s time for you to explore the websites and do some experiment on your own. Here are some recomended links for you to Explore and Experiment:





Part V

Explore our series of webinars and workshops that focus on various aspects of digital storytelling in education. These sessions are designed to provide deeper insights and practical approaches for educators


Unlocking the Power of Digital Stories

The Role of Genre Pedagogy and Narrative Text in Indonesian Curriculum

Teachers' Sharing Session


Adapting Digital Stories for Primary English Language Learners

Tutorial CANVA for Newbie

Audio Stories Feedback

Engaging Primary School Students with Digital Stories

Tutorial for Digital Flashcards and Digital Worksheets

Creating Engaging Learning Activities with Digital Stories

Part VI

This section is a celebration of creativity and innovation among educators. Here, you’ll find a diverse range of resources crafted by teachers, demonstrating how they have effectively incorporated this tool into their teaching practices. Be inspired by these examples and consider how you can bring similar creativity and engagement to your own classroom.